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In the run up to the Copenhagen summit in December 2009, Manchester FoE are doing lots that you can get involved with. On October 31st, we held a trick or treat event, as part of a national day of action, where we will be asking our MPs for a treat deal at Copenhagen rather than a trick full of carbon offsets.

We paraded down Oxford Road from 6:30pm dressed as skeletons and green faeries, accompanied by a samba band, raising local awareness by giving out leaflets and talking to people along the way. We started at the Peveril of the Peak pub on Great Bridgewater Street and walked to the Bowling Green on Grafton Street, where we hosted our trick or treat benefit gig. We had live music from Heartstring and I Am Mechanical as well as cabaret from Guy Bloke.

More about Copenhagen December 2009 marks an important meeting, the outcome of which will decide the future of our climate and our world. The United Nations are holding the Cop 15 conference in Copenhagen to decide the successor of the Kyoto protocol which expires in 2012. This meeting is being hailed as the most important ever to take place in human history. Climate Change is upon us whether we like it or not and this meeting is an international opportunity to make our voice heard not only to our Government and the European parliament, but echoing all around the world.!Itʼs important to keep up the pressure.

The Wave On the 5th December – join thousands in London as we march on Parliament to demand climate justice and a fair green deal for all global citizens. This needs to be the biggest climate demonstration ever to take place in human history as we need to send a loud message for our Government to take to the Copenhagen talks. Make sure youʼre there!

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