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Sewing the Seeds of Change

On Monday 28 September ʻThe Sewing Roomʼ workshop took place at 8th Day Cafe, on Oxford Road. The Sewing Room is a sewing workshop, designed to teach basic sewing skills which used to be commonplace learning in schools. The workshop targets people who have little or no sewing experience, focusing on basic skills needed to repair clothes, such as repairing an unraveled hem.

We live in a consumer society; more people than ever buy cheap clothes which arenʼt durable. When the garments are damaged they are thrown away and the garments eventually end up in landfill. By repairing your old clothes this can be avoided, giving your clothes a new lease of life, which will also save you money in the long run.

The aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for people to learn new, useful and sustainable skills, which will have a positive impact on the environment through teaching people skills so they can repair their clothes and keep them out of landfill! The workshops are small, informal and relaxed. To join a session, no skills are required and all equipment is provided. The feedback received regarding workshops which have taken place so far has been positive.

“Wendy was very clear and gave good explanations. She had prepared little practice pieces for us as well as a handy sheet with all the information on it. I got stuck straight in on a tear along the seam of a work shirt and am very happy to say I’ve worn it. I’ve since sewn a button and fixed a bag. She was great at inspiring confidence.”

Ben (Novice Seamster)

The intention is to continue these workshops at a basic level and introduce a session where people can bring garments to be repaired with guidance at the workshop.

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