Polar Bear encourages more people to cycle!


Photographs attached:   Polar Bear greets Bike Friday cycle commuters. Exchange Square, 8.30am, Friday 27th November.

On Friday 27th November, despite the rain and cold, over 30 people joined in the Bike Friday commuter cycle rides into Manchester City Centre. [1]

The Bike Friday cycle commuters were greeted in Exchange Square by a lovely polar bear to highlight the impact that climate change is already having on wildlife. Climate change is one of the biggest threats to polar bears which has made sea ice more unpredictable and has been linked to the decline in the polar bear population. The wildlife conservation group, Polar Bear International encourages people to:

Take the Green Way: by leaving their car at home two days a week and walk, cycle or take public transportation to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.[2]

Transport is the only sector of the UK in which carbon emissions were higher in 2004 than 1990 and the Manchester Climate Change Action Plan seeks to cut transport sector C02 emissions by 15% by 2020, the equivalent of 195,000 tonnes of C02. [3]

In the run up to the Copenhagen Climate Change conference in December, the Bike Friday cycle campaign is encouraging people across Greater Manchester to try cycling to work as a great way to reduce their C02 emissions. Encouraging more people to cycle will also result in better air quality, lower noise levels and improved physical health and wellbeing.

Katy Carlisle who also cycles to work from Withington said:Just think, no more boring trips to the gym – by cycling as part of their daily commute people can save money, get to work quicker, feel fitter and reduce their C02 emissions. We encourage people to give cycling a try.”

Bike Friday combines a range of cycle rides into the City Centre from various locations as well as working with companies and local authorities in Greater Manchester to promote cycling, improve cycle facilities and to encourage more people to continue cycling to school, work and for leisure all year round. [4]


Graeme Sherriff, Manchester FoE Mobile: 07948 405071.

Pete Abel, Manchester FoE Mobile: 07951 642858


Notes to Editors:

[1 ] The Bike Friday cycle rides start at 8am from Chorlton Library, Levenshulme Station, Prestwich Pizza Express, Stretford Mall and Withington Library and finish at approx 8.30am at the Triangle, Corporation Street, City Centre. The Bike Friday cycle rides take place on the morning of the last Friday of every month (except December). The rides go a moderate pace, have experienced ride leaders, are entirely law-abiding and can help people develop more confidence in their cycling abilities.

For details of the routes see: www.bikefriday.org or join the Bike Friday Facebook group www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=99198337652

[2] Polar Bear International has a list of things people can do to help save polar bears


[3] Manchester. A Certain Future. Our co2llective action on climate change” www.manchester.gov.uk/egov_downloads/ClimateChange.pdf

[4] Bike Friday is part of the Love Your Bike Campaign. www.loveyourbike.org