Love Your Bike campaigners say Love Your Boots!


The Love Your Bike campaign is encouraging local companies and people across Greater Manchester to take part in national Walk to Work Week (26th – 30th April). [1]

This years’ theme is ‘Get fit without the hassle’ and the organisers have set 5 challenges for people during the week:

* Try walking all or part of the way to work

* Try walking all or part of the way home from work

* Hold a walking meeting

* Walk all or part of the way to a meeting

* Take a walk during your lunch break

Like cycling, regular walking can help people build exercise into their daily routine and can tone you up, trim you down and help keep your heart healthy. Walking and cycling can save on petrol and bus fares, and are better for the planet. The organisers also claim that walking can “give you a bottom pert enough to balance a cup of tea on” which is not normally a benefit associated with cycling! [2]

Katy Carlisle, from the Love Your Bike campaign said:

Love Your Bike supports Walk to Work Week because it encourages people to make healthy and active travel choices. Anything that can help reduce road traffic levels will also help encourage more people to choose to cycle.“



Graeme Sherriff, Manchester FoE Mobile: 07948 405071

Pete Abel, Love Your Bike campaign. Mobile: 07951 642858

Notes to Editors:

[1] For details see


[3] Love Your Bike is an award-winning campaign co-ordinated by Manchester Friends of the Earth.

Based in Manchester, we aim to promote cycling and to help make it an attractive, accessible and fun way to get around.