Fix the Food Chain

31st October 2010

coMOOte 001It’s time for Real Food. It’s time to rethink our use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides that damage our health, and the wasteful transportation of produce across the world that contributes to climate change. Above all, it’s time for a fair deal for consumers, producers and the environment.

Did you know that the meat and dairy industry produces 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions – more than every plane, train and car on the planet?

Intensive meat and dairy production relies on imports of soy from South America, where rainforests are being cleared and local communities displaced to make way for vast soy plantations.

Our campaign is calling on the Government to fix the food chainby shifting subsidies away from factory farming and instead supporting farmers to grow their own animal feed…

Our Real Food Guide website helps you discover what real food is and why it’s better for your health, the environment and your local community. There are also examples of different ways to get your hands on real food, and a directory of local real food outlets at

We’ve been helping local communities protect their local shops from the threat of new supermarkets – find out more about our Tesco campaign.

From 18th April 2004, new European legislation came into force on the labelling of food containing GM products. If you see any GM labelled food, please e-mail, stating the date spotted, brand, product, the supermarket and the town/city.

Take action: ask your MP to help fix the food chain, support our campaigns to fight supermarket power, and join the battle against GM…

Find out more: read Friends of the Earth’s briefings on the ‘oil for ape’ scandal, and the impact of supermarkets on local communities and the environment…