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Last Chance to Push Europe Before Durban!

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There can be no doubt that the world needs to urgently reduce emissions – just the other day the IEA gave a stark warning of how quickly we need to change.

So it is urgent that this year’s climate negotiations are successful, to reach a global deal to reduce emissions. In order to stop the talks in Durban failing as it has in the last two years, the richer countries – the ones that have caused the problem and have the money to change – need to show leadership in the climate talks.

We have another chance to make this happen before Durban… It has just been announced that the EU environmental ministers are meeting again on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th November, to discuss a 30% target to reduce CO2 by 2020.

We need the EU to commit to this target – so please take the online action to send one penny to the UK government, as a symbol of investment in a clean energy future. This will appear on the government’s accounts in a kind of alternative petition.

So take a minute to send one penny!

This is part of the Push Europe campaign coalition that Young Friends of the Earth are part of. We also need other groups to join the campaign, so please help out if you can!


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