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The Twelve Tweets of Christmas

Follow us on twitter for our seasonal suggestions for a better, greener world. Share and discuss using the hash tag #12tweetschristmas.

1. mfoe’s 1st tweet of xmas!- A world united on tackling climate change – Get active

2. On the 2nd day of xmas mfoe said to thee- No Fracking Shale Gas! Say no

3. On the 3rd day of xmas mfoe brought to thee- No Meat on Mondays- see for why and how!

4. On the 4th day of xmas mfoe demanded of the government ‘a fair feed-in tariff’. Add your voice at

5. On the 5th day of Xmas mfoe said to thee – Better cycle facilities? Comment on Mcr draft Cycling Strategy-

6. On the 6th day of xmas mfoe asks of thee- Manchester Business Greened. Sign up at mcc’s website

7. On the 7th day of xmas mfoe asked of thee, a warm home for all, make your home toasty this Xmas

8. On the 8th day of xmas mfoe said Choose Taste Before Beauty – stop supermarkets rejecting food

9. On the 9th day of xmas mfoe asked of TfGM- integrate cycling with public transport. See for the fun!

10. On the 10th day of xmas mfoe asked for ten bees a-buzzing – Plan Bee + FoE’s new campaign for 2012

11. On the 11th day of xmas mfoe asked of norman baker- No EU tar sands! Write to him at

12. And on the 12th day of Xmas you gave generously… a 12 month MCR Friends of the Earth membership!

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