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Who is profiting at the planet's expense?

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Help us root out the worst offenders for trashing the planet.

Making everything we buy and use is putting the earth’s life-support systems under dangerous strain.

That’s why we’re campaigning for all companies to start counting the cost and reduce the impacts their products have on the planet.

You can help

We’re on the lookout for products and companies that highlight just how bad the problem is. And we’d like your ideas. Can you think of stuff that:

  • Seems to be built to break.
  • Uses more materials than its rivals.
  • Is rumoured to have big behind-the-scenes costs e.g. is linked to pollution or using up too much land or water to produce.

Please use the form below to tell up your ideas. We’ll do some more digging then use some of them to create a big splash later in the year.

If you think you’ve got a lead to a dodgy company but are concerned about the sensitivity of your information please say so in the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss ways of passing on the information.

Send us your ideas.

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