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Safer Cycling and Walking: Lobby Your Greater Manchester MP Now

Please help John Leech MP make his Road Safety Bill law by asking your MP to support him on the 27th April, when a second reading of the bill will be heard in Parliament.

We have prepared a simple email action for you to send to your MP.

A new study has revealed that serious cycling injuries have trebled over the last six years, and that the number of cycling deaths on the road is rising. In support of The Times newspaper ‘Cities for Cycling’ manifesto the road safety bill includes:

  • introducing cycling awareness as an integral part of the driving test and making eye tests compulsory for driving license renewal,
  • introducing a 2% target allocation of Highway Agency budget dedicated to improving infrastructure for road cycling,
  • reducing the legal limit of alcohol allowed for drivers,
  • making the practice of turning back milometers a criminal offence,
  • establishing a 20 mph limit on residential streets with no cycle lanes and around all schools.

The bill will be discussed in Parliament on 27th April 2012. Please take the email action.