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Clean British Energy: Make the UK energy independent and earn yourself a CBE

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The Government will announce a new Bill that will reform the energy market in the Queen’s speech on 9 May. Recent research revealed that 85% of us want the Big Six energy companies to develop clean British power from our wind, sun and water. Tell Energy Secretary Ed Davey to switch our UK power supply to renewable energy before the Bill’s announced and earn yourself a nomination for a ‘CBE’.

On 9 May Elizabeth Windsor will make her Queen’s Speech. She’ll announce that her Government is introducing a new Bill to transform Britain’s energy production.

Some see this as a chance to tie Britain to yet more coal, gas and nuclear power. We see it as a once in a generation opportunity to secure clean British energy.

To grab the Energy Secretary’s attention on the same day, we’re taking out a full-page national press advert. And the first 3500 of you to join our call for a clean British energy revolution will get your name in the papers too.

Be one of 3500 to get your name in the newspaper advert by emailing Ed Davey today.

Text of email to Energy Secretary:

Dear Mr Davey,

I want you to award the country a ‘CBE’: a Clean British Energy revolution. It’s time to switch from dirty imported fossil fuels and develop clean British power from our wind, sun and water.

Your Electricity Market Reform plans must

  • Listen to what people want and tap into Britain’s wind and tidal resources – the best in Europe
  • Ensure the UK isn’t locked into another generation of expensive, imported gas
  • Close the door on expensive nuclear power, which is subsidised by the taxpayer and leaves a legacy of dangerous waste
  • Reverse the domination of the power market by just a handful of big companies – so new, clean companies get a look-in
  • Help millions of people around the country plug into affordable clean power and end the scandal of dangerously cold homes.

Make the UK energy  independent  and earn yourself a CBE

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