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Marinet Common Fisheries Policy Reform Campaign – Virtual Day of Action Guide

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Over-fishing has left our fish stocks so depleted that they can only meet our needs for six months of the year. This means we have to take fish from other seas and other fishing communities around the world, thus putting the food security of these communities in jeopardy too. Marinet is raising this issue publicly in a number of different ways during the coming months. This Virtual Day of Action is just one of them.

[flickr id=”7302399242″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”true” size=”original” group=”” align=”right”] Marinet is the Marine Network of Friends of the Earth. It campaigns to protect the coast   and seas around the UK. Its campaign on the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) calls for a fundamental reform which will rebuild our over-fished and seriously depleted fish stocks  so that they can once again provide us with “food security”  – the ability to meet our need for fish all 12 months of the year.

How you can help.

This action takes place in the run-up to a vote in July in the European Parliament Fisheries Committee, where we hope MEP’s will support Marinet’s key proposals for genuine reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). which are:

  • Re-establish food security.
  • Rebuild fish stocks to the maximum levels of abundance that current ecological conditions will permit.
  • Close the spawning and nursery grounds of endangered stocks to all fishing.

These amendments have been tabled before the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee by friendly UK MEPs.

At the same time, we want to keep up the pressure on the UK Government.  This means that the focus for our action are:

Gabriel Mato Adrover MEP – Chair of the Fisheries Committee.

Richard Benyon – Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Natural Environment and Fisheries.

The Action.

Focusing on Marinet’s proposals for the Common Fisheries Policy we’d like you to take part in a bit of photo activism.  During late May and early June we’d like you to go out and take a photo, then email it to Gabriel Mato Adrover and Richard Benyon along with the template letter.

[flickr id=”7302398522″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”small” group=”” align=”none”] You’ll need to hold some chips (preferably in-or outside your local Fish and Chip shop) and hold up one of our speech bubble props. This is a fun and easy way to show MEPs that we care about fishing policies.

These are the steps you’ll need to follow if you’d like to take part:

1. Find/borrow a camera.

2. Download our photo template, so that you have our speech bubble.

3. Take your prop to your local Fish and Chip shop and pose outside it. Perhaps even buy some chips for the photo!

4. Once you’ve uploaded your photo you are ready to edit the template email and send it!

a. GabrielMato Adrover: You can email your photo to him ( along with the template letter.

b. Richard Benyon:  you can tweet him (@RichardBenyonMP) your photo with the message “Plenty more fish in the sea?”. Or you can email him your photo ( along with the template letter.

If you tweet the photo, please use the hash tag #marinetmovement

Don’t forget to email us your photo ( so that we can add it to our Flickr page.

[flickr id=”7302398996″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”small” group=”” align=”right”] That’s it, 4easy steps and you’ve helped to change European fishing policies!

The action will run up to Sunday 10 June in order to include World Environment day (June 5th) and World Oceans Day (June 8th).


Further information.

For the aims of Marinet’s CFP Reform Campaign case.  For more information on the action email

The Speech bubbles are available for download. Action guide available for download.

Draft (template) letters to Gabriel Mato Adrover MEP  and Richard Benyon can be donwnloaded here.

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