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Rio Earth Summit: Stop governments propping up dirty energy

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It is 20 years since world leaders agreed to tackle climate change at the Rio Earth Summit. On 20 June they will meet in Rio again. This is their chance to make up for two decades of missed opportunities.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will be representing the UK at the summit. Please ask him to make sure we’re leading the call for a switch from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy.

Fossil fuels are driving climate change and failing to provide for billions of people. [flickr id=”7365239652″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”]

  • Governments across the world are keeping the world addicted to dirty fossil fuels.
  • Together, they’re handing over almost a hundred billion dollars of tax payers’ money every year to the oil, coal and gas industries.
  • This money should be spent helping billions of the world’s poorest to access clean, safe and affordable energy, tackling both poverty and climate change.

Rio+20 can fix it

World governments will discuss fossil fuel subsidies and clean energy access at Rio+20.  Nick Clegg will be there representing the UK.  Tens of thousands of Friends of the Earth supporters are pushing for clean British energy at home. Now we need Nick Clegg to push for clean global energy everywhere.

Please write to Nick Clegg and join almost a million voices across the world calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

Tens of thousands of you have joined the call for clean British energy. This is your opportunity to join over one million people worldwide who are asking their leaders for clean global energy.

Take action today – email Nick Clegg.

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