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Time is running out for Toasty

Stacie from the Greater Manchester Energy Advice Service tells us why there’s no time like the present to get toasty:

Insulated homes are warmer, more energy efficient and have lower heating bills than those that are leaking heat through their roofs and walls. ‘Heating the Streets’ in this way is detrimental to the environment, leading to increased carbon emissions and the adverse effects of climate change.

On average, by insulating your home you can help save around 1270kg of CO2 per year (for a gas heated semi), contributing to Greater Manchester’s carbon reduction target of 48% by 2020. You could also save yourself approximately £310 per year in reduced energy bills.

The ‘Get Me Toasty’ insulation scheme in Greater Manchester provides free* loft and cavity wall insulation to residents of all tenures in the region. The scheme is endorsed by the ten local councils across Greater Manchester as they are working together to support their residents to make homes more energy efficient as well as helping to save residents £££££’s on energy bills and providing greater thermal comfort.

A massive 10,000 homes have already benefited from the scheme so far, but we know there are potentially over 1/2 million homes in Greater Manchester losing heat with inadequate levels of insulation.

If you’d like book a free, no obligation survey to see if your home is suitable for up to £700 of free insulation, please call the Greater Manchester Energy Advice Service on 0800 009 3363 now, or visit to book online.


*Subject to survey. Offer based on an average-sized, 3 bedroom semi–detached property with less than 60mm of loft insulation currently in place. Offer ends 31 December 2012.


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