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Mapumental Property – find a home within a bearable commute

MySociety has launched a new website, Mapumental Property, which allows users to decide what counts as a tolerable public transport commute time, and the site displays homes for sale or rent within that timeband.

According to MySociety, the aim was to make something useful. A welcome side-effect is that it’s kind of fun… and fascinating. Mapumental Property covers everywhere in Britain, and all types of public transport.

Of course, the main purpose is to help people with their commute to work – but some early users have been using it to find homes within school catchments. Another has linked to a Mapumental Property page in an accommodation wanted ad.

MySociety would love to hear how you’ll use it, too – drop a line to

See Mapumental Property. The map shows the area of Manchester that Mapumental calculates is within a 20 min public transport journey from M4 1LE (the home of Manchester Freinds of the Earth)


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