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Ask Samsung & Apple to reveal all. What lies beneath their touchscreens?

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Millions of us love and rely on smartphones. But Samsung and Apple almost certainly use tin in their mobiles that’s come from the Island of Bangka – where tin mining is ravaging forests and choking coral reefs. 

They may not have known this until we told them. We’ve asked them to reveal where they get their tin from but so far they haven’t given us a clear answer.

Thousands of messages from potential and current customers can help change that.

Email Samsung and Apple.

About the Make it Better campaign.

The Make It Better campaign is all about improving the way that our products are made.

We should all think about the impact the things we buy have on the world. But it should be up to the companies that make them to ensure they don’t hurt people and the environment.

With Make It Better we’re calling for tough new rules to make companies come clean about the full impact of their production. This would be a huge step towards reducing the dangerous strain being placed upon our planet.

We also want to celebrate the positive steps companies are taking, and how innovative design can reduce the environmental impact of our favourite items.  We’d love you to join in, starting with one of today’s most popular products: the smartphone.

Read the report behind the campaign Mining for smartphones: the true cost of tin.


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