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Double your donation to Friends of the Earth without spending a penny extra!

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A gift to Friends of the Earth is a fantastic way to help save the planet.On Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week donations made to Friends of the Earth through the Big Give will be doubled at no extra cost to you.





Update (Saturday 8th December):  Matching Fund Fully Allocated

Due to an overwhelming public response, our matching fund has been exhausted and donations to this charity are no longer being doubled. However, you can still make an unmatched donation.

Total Donated Online £45,087

Overall Amount Raised £90,174

Thank you


That means for every £1 you donate, Friends of the Earth will receive £2. The Big Give will match the first £50,000 our supporters donate, so over this week we’ve got a chance to receive £100,000, a sum that will make a big difference to our campaigns.

This fantastic opportunity won’t last forever; donations are matched on a first come first serve basis so please put a date in your diary and make sure you’re ready for a chance double the impact of you donation, at

10am Thursday 6 December

10am Friday 7 December

10am Saturday 8 December.

The donations will help fund the Make it Better campaign.

Making everything we buy or use is pushing our planet’s natural resources to breaking point. Our financial future is at risk too, as the UK economy relies so heavily on resources that are being over exploited. We want companies everywhere to find smarter, better ways to make the products we love.


Thank you so much for your support.

Andy Atkins
Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

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