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Cornerhouse film screening: Chasing Ice

Acclaimed environmental photographer James Balog was once a skeptic about climate change but through his Extreme Ice Survey, he discovers undeniable evidence of our changing planet.

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In Chasing Ice, Balog deploys revolutionary time-lapse cameras to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers. His hauntingly beautiful videos capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate. Traveling with a team of young adventurers across the brutal Arctic, Balog risks his career and his well-being in pursuit of the biggest story facing humanity. As the debate polarises America, and the intensity of natural disasters ramps up globally, Chasing Ice depicts a heroic photojournalist on a mission to deliver fragile hope to our carbon-powered planet.

The Co-operative are promoting Chasing Ice, as part of their ongoing commitment to combat climate change.

We’ve all seen pictures of icebergs, but definitely not like this before.  The new movie Chasing Ice, is a documentary supported by the Co-operative. It’s picking up massively good reviews for astonishing film work, primarily of the icecaps and glaciers as they recede and collapse.  If it’s coming near you, go and see it! (organise your friends to go as well…) and please do promote it through newsletters etc.

A Co-operative staff member in Manchester said of Chasing Ice – “absolutely marvellous film I cannot recommend highly enough. Left me thinking this is just what we all need to get energised again.”

Find out more about the Co-operative’s Clean energy campaign.

The film is being shown at the Cornerhouse on Friday 21st Dec (3.30pm), Saturday 22nd Dec (1.30pm) and Sunday 23rd Dec (5.50pm).


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