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Campaign win: new supermarket watchdog's power

This year the Government agreed to set up a watchdog to help put an end to supermarket bullying. This was a great success after years of campaigning.

[flickr id=”8304788814″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”true” size=”original” group=”” align=”left”] The new supermarket watchdog has the power to fine unruly supermarkets who break the code set up to make them play fair. It needs this power to be effective and has it because of Friends of the Earth and other groups campaigning work.

Initially the Government planned to hand these powers to the Secretary of State – not the watchdog. It would have become a political decision when the punishment was used.


We said that wasn’t good enough and demanded that the Government think again. We held a stunt outside government offices and activists wrote to their MPs.   In early December, we heard that we were successful in getting the new supermarket watchdog the power to fine from day one.

This is an important victory to limit large retailers’ power, ensuring supermarket suppliers like farmers are treated fairly.

“We have heard the views of the stakeholders who were keen to give the Adjudicator a power to fine, and recognise that this change would give the Adjudicator more teeth to enforce the Groceries Code.”

Jo Swinson MP, Competition Minister

A big thank you to everyone who took action.

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