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Did you know that Europe buries or burns 60 per cent of our valuable resources? This is a shocking waste of both materials and money, and causes a devastating effect on the environment.  We want to stop Europe just throwing away valuable resources like food, metal, cotton and minerals. Instead we should be preventing waste in the first place, or reusing and recycling materials.

Waste landfill

Europe is shockingly wasteful. We import huge quantities of expensive resources and then waste much of this by dumping them in landfills or incinerators. We bury and burn 60% of our valuable resources – like food, wood, metal, cotton and minerals. Much of this waste could be prevented, re-used or recycled, saving both resources and money.

This excessive use of resources is having devastating effects on the environment. We want to change the way we use resources in Europe.

The European Union is discussing its environmental law framework, the 7th Environmental Action Programme (7EAP). But it currently has no plans to improve our waste management.

We’ve got to get the message to Government Ministers that we need better waste management policies to stop us wasting money and valuable resources. Please help us get the message to Government ministers that we need to stop wasting money and resources.

Please email Environment Minister Owen Paterson to tell him how important it is for the United Kingdom to ensure that Europe manages its resources better.

Ask Environment Minister Owen Paterson to help stop the waste

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