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European Union fishing subsidies, believed to be a key cause of over-fishing,  are being reformed by the EU during the second half of this year. This gives us an opportunity to ensure that the EU does the right thing by our fish and oceans and makes genuine reform of EU Fishing Subsidy payments.

This important campaign is being organised by Marinet, Friends of the Earth’s voluntary Marine Network, and will ask the Fisheries Committee to ensure the EU pursue a policy of rebuilding stocks which are so essential for the long-term financial health of the fishing industry and the re-establishment of fish food security.

At present EU fishing subsidies, of over one billion euros annually, encourage fishermen to compete between each other for these payments in order to upgrade the fishing capacity of their vessels and extract more fish.

The reform Marinet wants will maintain the level of subsidy, but shift from an extraction focus to one of conservation. Fishermen would be paid to help rebuild stocks by creating marine reserves centred on spawning and nursery grounds and to patrol and monitor the marine environment.

The key people who can deliver this reform are the President of the European Commission, Manuel Barroso, and the 27 EU Fisheries Ministers. Marinet will be lobbying the Parliament’s Fisheries Committee and all the other 700 MEPs to put real pressure on Manuel Barroso and the Ministers.

Please watch the short Youtube film above for more information on the reforms and why you should write to the EU.  Please forward this ask onto everyone who you know who wants to see a marine environment sustained for generations to come.

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