EU Commission can’t afford to gamble with bees future

27th August 2013

Responding to Syngenta’s legal challenge to the European Commission’s decision to suspend the use of the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam on bee attractive crops, Friends of the Earth’s Head of Campaigns Andrew Pendleton said:  “These restrictions are completely justified. 

“With mounting scientific evidence linking neonicotinoid pesticides to bee decline, failure to act would recklessly put our food supplies and economy at risk.

“We can’t afford to gamble with the future of our bees.

“The Government’s forthcoming pollinator strategy must tackle all the threats our bees face, including pesticide use.”


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Notes to editors:

1. Syngenta submits legal challenge to EU suspension of thiamethoxam.

2. Friends of the Earth led the successful campaign earlier this year to persuade the UK’s leading home and garden retailers to voluntarily stop selling neonicotinoid pesticides linked to bee decline.

3. Friends of the Earth has been campaigning for a Bee Action Plan through its Bee Cause campaign, which was launched in 2011. The plan, which should be drawn up in-line with scientific evidence, should:

• Ensure the way we farm our food and plan our towns and cities is good for bees

• Help farmers, gardeners and park keepers to reduce use of chemicals that harm bees

• Protect Britain’s wild and honey bee species and other pollinators

4. Speaking at a Friends of the Earth Bee Summit earlier this year, environment minister Lord de Mauley agreed to introduce a National Pollinator Strategy.

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