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Ask Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik for higher recycling targets.

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We have just six days to call on the EU to help us all recycle more.  European Ministers are reviewing targets for recycling rates across Europe. Right now the target is for 50 per cent of our waste to be recycled by 2020, but this could be so much stronger.

person putting recycling out for collectionRecycling is great. It creates jobs and reduces our impact on the environment. And you know what is great for increasing recycling? Recycling targets. They may not sound fun, but they work. Without high targets loads of valuable materials go to be buried or burnt.

A higher EU recycling target would drive up the amount of things we can recycle, stop us throwing away valuable resources and help create jobs.

Friends of the Earth has a great record on recycling – the green recycling box on many of our doorsteps is just one example. Let’s stand up for recycling again and ensure less of our valuable resources are thrown away.

The EU is reviewing its recycling targets. Now is our chance to ask Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik for higher recycling targets.

The consultation ends on 10 September so we don’t have long. Add your name below.

Please add your name to call for higher recycling rates across Europe

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Rachel Kennerley & the Resource Use team


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