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It’s Meat free Monday (Waste less, Live more Week 16-22 September)

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Waste less, Live more Week is about involving a wide range of organisations and individuals to sign up to the calls to action and together, host a week of events and activities which highlight that what’s good for the environment is good for us.  Our theme this year is Better food for all.

Waste less - live more weekWe have created an exciting Better food for all Challenge with daily activities that everyone can get involved in, and promote the better food for all message. Download the challenge pack here and join the actions!

How to get involved

There are many different ways in which individuals and organisations can get involved in the week. From helping to promote the Waste less, Live more message to your friends, colleagues or networks; organising your own activity or event; joining the Better food for all challenge or supporting the policy calls (*). Find out how to get involved by becoming a partner or supporting as an individual.

You can also follow the campaign on facebook.

(*) Influencing supporters, organisations and politicians to take a leadership role on reducing food waste, improving diets and enabling a more sustainable food system for people and the planet, for example through the current EU Sustainable Food Consultation or Defra’s Waste Prevention Programme.

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