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The Lords have let us down

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Yesterday, despite coming painfully close, the clean power target was defeated in the House of Lords. If just 8 more Peers had voted our way, the target would have been passed.   It’s a tough result to swallow – a yes vote would have slashed the carbon in our electricity system and encouraged a rapid switch to renewable energy.

But it’s only thanks to you that we got this close. When Manchester-based supporter Ali Abbas wrote a letter to each one of the Lords, almost 11,000 of you added your name. Ali writes:

“Huge thanks to everyone who signed my letter. I really believe it made a difference, encouraging more Lords to brave the terrible weather to turn up and vote for clean power. I’m gutted that we didn’t win this time, but I know that like me, you won’t stop here.”

The momentum for a clean power target will continue to grow. In June we almost convinced enough MPs to vote YES, and this time we nearly persuaded enough Peers.

But some Peers really let us down. Only 1 Liberal Democrat voted for a target – even though the party pledged to introduce one last year. 63 voted against.

The good news is this isn’t the end. In fact a clean power target could still happen – because of our campaigning, the Government pledged to reconsider the issue in 2016, while Labour have committed to introduce a target if they win the next election.

Many of you have donated to our clean power campaign fund. Thank you. Your donations brought us so close to delivering a knock-out blow to dirty energy.

Please help us keep up the momentum: Donate to our clean power fund today

Thank you for your support. Together we’ll see an end to George Osborne’s dash for dirty energy, and keep up the pressure on the Government for a shift to clean power.

Best wishes,

Donna, Guy, Ollie, Ali and all of us working for a clean power target

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