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Help the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan (Donate to the DEC appeal and email Ed Davey MP)

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Super-Typhoon Haiyan is thought to be the strongest typhoon ever to hit land. It is estimated to have killed thousands of people in the Philippines, displaced hundreds of thousands and affected the lives of millions.

Survivors are in desperate need of water, food and shelter. Please consider donating to the relief effort, you can do this via the Disasters Emergency Committee at

Typhoons and hurricanes happen every year. But the more global warming there is, the more extreme these sorts of disaster are likely to be in future.

Friends of the Earth is at the international climate talks in Warsaw calling for tough action to cut carbon pollution, but also for developed countries to provide finance and assistance for developing countries who will be hit by future climate disasters.

Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change will be travelling to Warsaw to lead negotiations on behalf of the UK. So it’s important that he hears from as many of us as possible.

Please email Ed Davey to ask him to commit the UK to calls for tough action on climate change and an agreement to support people affected by climate change.

Thank you.

Copy of suggested email text to Ed Davey.

I’m writing following the terrible typhoon disaster in the Philippines to ask you to support measures at the current Warsaw climate talks to give financial help to people hit by climate disasters. Disasters like Typhoon Haiyan are likely to become more extreme the higher global temperatures rise because of climate change. I hope the UK will push for much tougher action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally, to lower these risks.

But globally there is some level of climate risk we can no longer avoid, and we must ensure sufficient preparation and help for people affected by future disasters. At the last climate talks in Doha in 2012, countries agreed to set up a “Loss and Damage Mechanism” to help countries prepare for climate disasters, and to provide financial help for people hit by future typhoons, floods and droughts.

The details of this mechanism are being thrashed out at the Warsaw climate talks which you are soon to be attending. I’m writing to ask you to commit the UK to champion a strong mechanism which will support communities to minimise the risks they face and provide financial support from industrialised countries such as the UK, whose activities have led to the current level of greenhouse gas emissions.

Please could you reply to let me know what specific measures you will propose in Warsaw to ensure this mechanism is as strong as possible?


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