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Govt must act on scandal of thousands of winter deaths

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Responding to new figures released today (Tuesday 26 November 2013) showing there were 31,100 winter deaths in 2012, a 29 per cent increase from the previous year, Friends of the Earth Fuel Poverty Campaigner Sophie Neuburg said:   “It’s scandalous that in a country like Britain in 2013, thousands of people die prematurely every winter because they live in housing that leaks heat. And this winter, as bills rise further and the number of homes being insulated falls, more people will perish.

“While the Chancellor dances to the energy firms’ tune and skirts around the task of tackling heat-leaking homes, millions of people shiver, with the older and most vulnerable worst affected.

“Making energy efficiency a top Government priority would knock hundreds of pounds off fuel bills, create jobs and save thousands of lives every year.”


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