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Energy Bills: Govt caves in to Big Six

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Responding to announcements today (Monday 2 December 2013) by Government around cuts to the Energy Company Obligation [ECO] and a new package of measures around the Green Deal, Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner Sophie Neuburg said:  “The Government has crumbled in response to pressure from the Big Six, leaving the fuel poor and the environment to pick up the bill. 

“The effect of all the measures announced today is that funding for energy efficiency has fallen by over £700 million, condemning thousands of people to shiver in heat-leaking homes.

“If Ministers were serious about tackling fuel bills they would introduce a comprehensive energy efficiency programme and take urgent steps to wean our economy off increasingly costly fossil fuels – the real driving force behind rocketing fuel bills.”

Responding to announcements by Big Six energy firms that they will reduce price increases as a result of these new Government proposals, Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner Sophie Neuburg said:

“This is a cynical attempt by the big energy firms to fool the public into thinking that recent price hikes were caused by social and environmental programmes, rather than rocketing gas prices and their own soaring profits.

“Energy efficiency is not in the Big Six’s business interests, as it reduces the amount of fuel their customers have to buy from them. Cutting ECO will mean cash-strapped households will have to spend more money on gas to stay warm this winter.”


Notes to editors

1. Friends of the Earth research, submitted to the Committee and cited by witnesses, revealed that the tax breaks George Osborne has given to North Sea oil and gas in  2012/13 were worth a total of £2 billion to the industry.

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