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EU plan to clean up air pollution

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Responding to a new policy package to clean up Europe’s air, launched by the European Commission today (Wednesday 18 December 2013), Friends of the Earth campaigner Jenny Bates said:  “Europe is right to get tough on air pollution – it’s scandalous that tens of thousands of people, particularly the most vulnerable, die prematurely in the UK every year because of dirty air.

“The UK has been allowed to drag its heels on delivering clean air for far too long. The EU must ensure all Britain meets existing legal limits on nitrogen dioxide by 2020 – including London, which has previously said it won’t be able to comply until 2025.

“The Government, London Mayor and local councils must take bold action to tackle air pollution – building new roads and expanding airports will simply add to the problem.”


Notes to editors:

1.  EU press release – and a prior announcement.
2.  WHO review of evidence, which fed into the EU’s ‘Year of Air’.
3.   Friends of the Earth were one of 60 organisations that signed a letter to the EU calling for stronger policies.
4.  The World Health Organisation has declared outdoor Air Pollution carcinogenic to humans – stating that there is ‘sufficient evidence’ that there is a ‘causal relationship’ between air pollution and lung cancer:.

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