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Local residents in West Yorkshire want to generate clean, renewable energy – but they need your help to persuade Kirklees Council to approve their plans. Valley Wind is a group of residents who want to build three wind turbines in West Yorkshire. Local people will be able to invest in the project and profits will be used to build and maintain community assets.

But they need to secure planning permission for this wonderful project to go ahead. And this is where you can help.

Please take a few minutes to ask Kirklees Council to approve the Slaithwaite Moor wind farm. You can do this in one of two ways:

1.  Submit your comments directly onto the Kirklees Council website.

2.    Write your comments in the box below and press Send to email the planning department.

There are very good reasons why this project should be given the go-ahead:

  • It’s good for the local economy. Community energy projects keep the financial rewards in the local area and take back power from the Big Six.
  • Some of the profits will be re-invested in local projects to benefit residents.
  • It helps reduce carbon emissions – Slaithwaite Moor community wind farm will generate enough electricity to power the local villages of Slaithwaite and Marsden.
  • Community energy is designed and built by local residents – people who care about the impact on the landscape and wildlife.
  • Slaithwaite Moor wind farm will add to the growing reputation of the Colne Valley as a “green valley”.

For more good reasons to support the project, visit the Valley Wind website.

Please show your support and email Kirklees Council.  Thank you!

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