Not in my Banger : Keep up the fight against industrial pig farming

12th March 2014

We are keeping up our fight against industrial pig farming in the UK, and the proposal to open a huge US-style pig farm in Derbyshire has been delayed thanks to opposition from campaigning groups, including the Soil Association and members of the public.

Not in my Banger - Soil Association

However, although the decision has been delayed, we still need you to keep up the pressure and let Derbyshire County Council know that we don’t want thousands of pigs to be forced to spend their entire lives indoors.

Derbyshire County Council are due to make a decision imminently – make your voice heard and sign the letter below. If we don’t act now, hundreds of thousands more farm animals could be forced to live their lives in massive factories – changing British farming forever.

Please sign the letter to Derbyshire County Council


Text of the suggested letter is shown below.

To: Planning Department, Derbyshire County Council, County Hall, Matlock DE4 3AG
Re: Planning Application: CW9/0311/174

Objection to the proposed Midland Pig Producers indoor pig factory at Foston, Derbyshire

We, the undersigned are writing to express our deep concern and objection to the proposed 25,000 pig farm at Foston, Derbyshire.

2014 marks the fifth year since the original planning application was submitted. This is a totally unacceptable length of time for the local community to live under the shadow of this proposed development, which has caused them great distress. Some of these residents live less than 100 metres from the site. There have now been 20,000 objections to the development, which highlights the strength of public feeling against the proposal.

In these past five years a large amount of new evidence has come to light which has further strengthened the Soil Association’s original case against the proposal. This evidence outlined the potential damage to human health which units of this scale can cause, particularly due to the extensive use of antibiotics.

As was recently reported in The Lancet, 26 leading scientists have linked the impact of overuse of antibiotics in agriculture with human and animal resistance. Earlier in the year the Chief Medical Officer in the United Kingdom, Dame Sally Davies, warned Parliament that the rise of antibiotic resistance could cause a national emergency comparable to a catastrophic terrorist attack, pandemic flu or major coastal flooding. She told MPs of an ‘apocalyptic scenario’ where people going for simple operations in 20 years’ time die of routine infections ‘because we have run out of antibiotics’.

There have also of course been further recent objections to the proposal, including very significantly from the Ministry of Justice. Given that the proposed site is only around 150 metres from Foston Hall Women’s prison, we are unsurprised at this. We have consistently made the point that the staff and inmates at Foston Hall would be at risk from the proposed development. In September 2011, GGD – the Dutch equivalent of the Health Protection Agency issued a statement warning that, ‘no intensive livestock farm should be built within a radius of 250 metres of sensitive locations’. The Government’s Health Protection agency also stated that those living within 150 metres of intensive pig farms ‘could be exposed to multi-drug resistant organisms’.

Given these wide and increasing objections, we sincerely hope that the planning committee will take this and other evidence submitted by the Soil Association into consideration and vote against the proposal.

Yours sincerely,