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Creating spaces where bees can thrive. Friends of the Earth’s Bee Worlds project has been a brilliant success. We now have over 200, smashing our initial targets of 60 for 2013 and 80 for 2014. Let’s continue to cover the UK in bee-friendly wildflowers with even more Bee Worlds.

British bees are in decline

Disappearing green spaces are making life difficult for bees.  Since the 1930s the UK has lost 97% of its important natural grassland. Without bees our food system is under threat.

You can help: apply for a Bee World

Creating Bee Worlds imageYou can help make Britain bee-friendly, with our Creating Bee Worlds for The Bee Cause pack. It explains how community groups, schools and businesses have created Bee Worlds. It gives guidance on the practical stuff.

And it includes an application form for the seeds you need to get started.

Any questions?  Need a printed copy of the pack?

Then email us at or write to Bee Worlds, Friends of the Earth, 139 Clapham Road, London SW9 0HP.


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