Biodiversity Offsetting: Save Smithy Wood (Woodland Trust)

17th August 2014

Extra Motorway Services want to build services, a car park and a slip road on top of Smithy Woods, on the M1 near Sheffield. They want to use a controversial new approach called biodiversity offsetting allowing them to trash the existing natural area if they plant new trees elsewhere. The Government is currently considering introducing biodiversity offsetting into the planning system – the proposal at Smithy Woods shows exactly why this would be a disaster for our wildlife and treasured natural spaces. For more information about biodiversity offsetting see our briefing on the issue. Please sign the Woodland Trust’s petition below to save Smithy Wood.

Woodland Trust: Pease sign our petition to the developers.

“I am aware of your proposal to build in Smithy Wood, an ancient woodland.

Rare and vulnerable species exist in ancient woodland, in fact it is home to 256 species of conservation concern. This is something recognised in Sheffield’s local plan that says “trees and woodland will be encouraged and protected by not permitting development which would damage existing mature and ancient woodlands.”

Before you submit your proposals for developing this site, please consider an alternative nearby location, such as the brownfield site next door that you own. Every ancient wood is unique and too valuable to lose like this.”

Please sign the Woodland Trust’s petition.