Boris Island ruled out by Airports Commission – Friends of the Earth reaction

7th October 2014

Following news that the Airports Commission has ruled out the London Mayor’s plans for an Airport hub in the Thames Estuary, Friends of the Earth campaigner Jenny Bates said: “If Boris Island had got the go ahead, it would have caused huge damage to wildlife in a richly populated conservation area – not to mention the disruption, and air and noise pollution for those who live in the area.

“The overall business case for further expansion of our airports is just not convincing, as it is not compatible with meeting our climate change targets.

“Increasing our reliance on air travel means increasing the risk of climate change – Boris should direct his energies into encouraging businesses to use video conferencing and new technologies, instead of building unnecessary new airports.”


Notes to editors

1. Report by the Airports Commission on the environmental impact of an Estuary Airport.

2. Airports Commissions’ Summary and Decision Paper on Estuary Airport.

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