One lucky primary school could win a set of free solar panels.

16th September 2014

This is a fantastic opportunity, so we’re really keen to reach as many primary schools as possible. Please get involved and nominate a school to run on sun.

Is there a primary school that’s close to your heart? It could be your old school, your kids’ school or just a school that you think could benefit from running on sun. Whatever the reason, you can make sure they don’t miss out.

Just give us their name and we’ll send them everything they need to enter the competition. It’s a simple as that.

Solar panels could help your school save thousands of pounds every year as well as producing lots of clean energy in your neighbourhood. We hear lots of talk about making the switch to clean energy. But this competition is helping make it a reality.

We’ll be closing nominations on the 24 October, and then you’ll get a chance to vote for the winner.

So don’t delay – nominate a school today.

Best wishes and happy nominating,

Anna and the Run on Sun team