Our top four priorities for a Labour Government

24th September 2014

As we welcome Labour Party delegates from across the country to Manchester for their annual conference, we set out our top four priorities for Ed Miliband if he wins next year’s general election.

Priorities for Labour Government

1. Insulate 4 million cold homes by 2020

Britain’s cold, draughty homes waste £300 per household and millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.  Insulating homes would help bring bills under control, create well over 100,000 local jobs across the country, and end the misery of fuel poverty.

2. Phase out coal emissions within 10 years

Coal is Britain’s most climate damaging fuel.  Coal pollution causes 1,600 deaths a year and costs the taxpayer £1-3bn each year in health impacts and working days lost.  Labour and all the main parties have already ruled out new unabated coal stations.  Climate scientists say Britain’s aging coal stations must stop polluting by the early 2020s.

3. Ban fracking and unconventional oil, coal and gas

Two thirds of the world’s fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground to avoid climate chaos.  Adding to the stock pile makes no sense, nor does wrecking our countryside and threatening our water supplies.

4. Back Britain’s renewable industries and clean cities

The cost of renewables worldwide is tumbling, yet wavering Coalition Government support for Britain’s clean tech industries is putting jobs and factories at risk.  In contrast, Labour has committed to a carbon pollution free electricity system by 2030 but still needs to offer concrete measures to deliver this.  With proper backing, Britain’s cities can be a cornerstone of a more democratic, clean energy system, ending the Big 6 stranglehold and boosting local economies.

We call on all conference delegates to ask Ed Miliband to back our plan to deliver clean air, warm homes, new jobs – and a safe climate.