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Could the Government’s ‘Wellbeing Centre’ lead to a new economic ideology?

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Commenting on today’s launch in London and Bristol of the National ‘What Works Centre for Wellbeing’, Friends of the Earth Senior Economics Campaigner, David Powell, said:  “Pursuing economic growth isn’t worth a hill of beans if it doesn’t actually improve millions of people’s lives and doesn’t ensure our children will have a planet they can call home. It’s time our leaders started doing economics differently.

“The new Wellbeing Centre is welcome. It could be the next nail in the coffin of our callous, growth-at-all-costs economic ideology.

“But we’ll only know it’s working if we see changes in the kinds of policies Government pushes – such as closing our rampant inequality gap and getting us off our climate changing, polluting energy system.

“The Treasury should now be given a new priority to improve wellbeing and to be an active engine of building a clean, low-carbon and resource efficient economy.”


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