Beavers emergency appeal

12th November 2014

Beavers are back in the wild in England. Friends of the Earth needs your help to keep them there. Beavers were once found right across England, before they were driven to extinction several hundred years ago. Now they are back, with a small population living and breeding on the River Otter in Devon. Wildlife experts have indicated that their reintroduction would bring many benefits to wildlife and the countryside. But the government has stated that it intends capture the beavers and put them into captivity.

© Dave Butcher

© Dave Butcher

Friends of the Earth believes Devon’s beavers are protected under European Law so we’ve taken the first steps towards mounting a legal challenge against the license issued to capture them.

“At a time when we are facing an unprecedented crisis in biodiversity we should be doing everything we can to protect and expand the range of key native species like the beaver – not seeking reasons to justify their removal.” Alasdair Cameron, Friends of the Earth

Please donate today and help us keep these wonderful animals in the wild.

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