Flood defence plans “wholly inadequate to keep pace with rising flood risk”

2nd December 2014

Government plans to invest over £2bn in flood defence project is not enough to protect homes and businesses from the impacts of climate change, Friends of the Earth warned today (Tuesday 2 December 2014).

Earlier this week Friends of the Earth revealed that the budget for flood defence spending over the next Parliament is short by at least half a billion pounds, according to confidential plans obtained by the environment charity.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Friends of the Earth climate campaigner Guy Shrubsole said:

“Whatever happened to ‘money no object’? These flood defence plans simply don’t hold water and are wholly inadequate to keep pace with rising flood risk.

“Failing to tackle climate change comes with a heavy cost, and it’s not right that the government makes flood-risk households pay the price for its failure to do so.

“All parties must, as a matter of national urgency, rethink how we protect the country from climate change – and do far more to prevent it getting worse.”


Notes to editors:

1. The Treasury is today revealing the projects that will receive a share of the £2.3 billion already earmarked for capital spending on flood defences over the next six years to improve protection for 300,000 homes.

2. Chancellor’s leaked flood budget full of holes – Friends of the Earth press release.

3.   David Cameron under fire over ‘money no object’ claim on flooding | Guardian.

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Published by Friends of the Earth Trust