2014 set to be warmest on record

4th December 2014

Commenting on early figures from the Met Office, which show 2014 is on course to be one of, if not the warmest, year on record both globally and for the UK, Friends of the Earth Climate Campaigner Simon Bullock said: “This is further evidence of the urgent need to act on climate change, yet today the Chancellor has given more tax cuts to the gas and oil industry.

“It’s time to turn up the heat on our politicians to agree a binding international action plan to slash emissions.

“Wealthy nations must take the lead by cutting their climate-changing pollution furthest and fastest, and providing finance to help the developing world cope with the impacts of global warming.”


Notes to editors:

1. Human influence important factor in possible global and UK temperature records | Met Office.

2. Peter Stott, Head of Climate Attribution at the Met Office, said today: “Our research shows current global average temperatures are highly unlikely in a world without human influence on the climate. Human influence has also made breaking the current UK temperature record about ten times more likely.”

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