Lima climate talks end with little progress

14th December 2014

The international community have failed to make significant progress towards securing an effective climate change agreement in Paris next year, Friends of the Earth said today, as the latest round of talks in Lima, Peru closed.

Friends of the Earth’s International Climate Campaigner Asad Rehman said:

“The only thing these talks have achieved is to reduce the chances of a fair and effective agreement to tackle climate change in Paris next year.

“Once again poorer nations have been bullied by the industrialised world into accepting an outcome which leaves many of their citizens facing the grim prospect of catastrophic climate change.

“We have the ingenuity and resources to build the low carbon future we so urgently need – but we still lack the political will.

“With the world speeding towards catastrophic climate change, wealthy industrialised nations who have contributed most to our polluted atmosphere must take the lead in tackling this threat.

“People across the world must show their leaders how embarrassingly short they are falling against expectations. We must demand that our nations put our wellbeing and safety ahead of narrow national politics and the interests of dinosaur dirty energy firms.”

”The next 12 months are crucial – failure to act will have a devastating impact on us all.”

Friends of the Earth says a number of key areas must be resolved if a fair and meaningful agreement is to be reached in Paris next year, including:

• Wealthy industrialised nations must pledge bigger cuts in their emissions by 2020;
• Wealthy industrialised nations must provide adequatefinance and technology to enable developing countries to tackle climate change and adapt to its impacts and support those already being impacted;
• Wealthy industrialised nations must provide the finance and technology for a global renewable energy transformation
• All countries to commit to doing their fair share of effort to keep temps below 1.5c


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Published by Friends of the Earth Trust