Environment Agency grants Cuadrilla permits to frack Roseacre Wood – Friends of the Earth reaction

6th February 2015

Responding to news that the Environment Agency has granted Cuadrilla permits for fracking at Roseacre Wood in the Fylde, Friends of the Earth North West campaigner Helen Rimmer said:  “These permits will need serious scrutiny because of the high environmental risks of fracking including air pollution, climate change and the creation of huge amounts of toxic wastewater.

“Ultimately it is for elected Councillors to decide whether Lancashire becomes the UK’s fracking guinea pig. With clear local opposition to the plans, the County Council should listen to communities and follow the example of Wales and Scotland by rejecting deeply unpopular fracking.

“Far better solutions to energy security and to boost the local economy are renewables and energy saving, which would create more jobs than fracking and help tackle climate change at the same time.”


Notes to editor

1. Details of the permit issued.

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