Tell your energy supplier to frack off! ‘Frack Free Gas’ from Ecotricity

9th February 2015

We all know that fracking is bad; so why not switch your energy supplier to one that cares about the planet and generate a donation for us at the same time?

Ecotricity frack Free gasEcotricity is the only energy company in the UK to guarantee that the gas it sources for its customers will be free of shale gas from fracking.

In an industry first, Ecotricity’s ‘Frack Free Gas’ promise means that it’ll never buy fracked gas for supplying to households and businesses in Britain – so customers will avoid supporting the fracking industry with their energy bills.

For every supporter who switches to Ecotricity, Friends of the Earth will receive a donation of up to £60. Find out more at

It’s a win-win situation – switch to a green energy supplier and support our vital work at the same time. There’s no better time to switch.