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Futuristic Bike Friday for February 2015

In February 2015 Bike Friday will be contributing to this year’s Future Everything festival lab PuBliC: People, Bikes and Cars, a collaborative project from the Centre for Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh and the Manchester Cycling Lab. The projects helps to produce data that will inform the future development. The data will be integrated into a research paper that will be published at the end of the day.

Everyone joining Bike Friday will have the opportunity to engage with the project as human sensor to gather GPS data, ideas, and insights about our urban environment that will be published and discussed at the end of the day. Being a ‘human sensor’ might sound a bit unnerving, but it’s simply done through a smart phone app.

You can become part of the project by downloading the app Comob Net (sory, iPhone only at this stage), join the group “FutrPublic” and activate during your ride on Bike Friday to co-author the future of Manchester!

This month the rides will finish in front of Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square where the conference takes place. As always the rides start from a range of locations across Greater Manchester.

Conference delegates will continue to ‘sense’ the city throughout the day through various activities.

Tickets for the conference available online but remember Bike Friday is always completely free to take part.

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