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2015 Local Elections: Your candidates’ views on environmental issues

10th May 2015

On Thursday 7th May, people across Greater Manchester have the opportunity to vote for the people who will be their local councillors. We’ve been surveying candidates views on the issues we campaign on. See the results as they come in.

The people successfully elected as local councillors will become members of one of the ten Greater Manchester councils which will have to meet many social and environmental challenges during the next 10 years and beyond. These include rising transport & energy costs, traffic congestion, ill health and rising obesity levels, poor air quality and the need to reduce CO2 emissions.

We believe that voters in Greater Manchester should have information from the candidates seeking election on these key environmental issues, so we have invited all the local election candidates to take part in a survey asking them for their views.

If you are a candidate in the election, please join others in filling in the survey.

The results will be made available as they come in and a summary report will be available nearer to the election date.  If you cannot see any responses from candidates in your area, why not ask them to take the survey?  After all, if they are asking you to vote for them then you should be able to know what their views are!

Please note: The survey will ask you for an email address.  We will not publish the email address – it will only be used if we need to verify the survey response.  Also, the survey will time out after 1 hour, so please complete your response within that time.