Free your savings from funding dirty energy

11th May 2015

Do you believe in a cleaner future but are unsure whether your bank lends your savings to fossil fuel companies?

Then there are three reasons to move your savings to Triodos, the sustainable bank:

  • They use your savings to fund community-owned renewable energy like the Barra community turbine in the video.
  • Triodos promise to only lend their savers’ money to organisations that work to benefit people or the environment, and never lend to dirty energy.
  • Open an account with Triodos, deposit £100 or more and they’ll donate £40* to Friends of the Earth to ensure that we can continue our vital work.


A big thank you

Thanks to everyone who has already opened an account with Triodos and generated a donation for Friends of the Earth. Last year hundreds of you used this to move your savings out of reach of fossil fuel companies and this raised over £11,400, contributing to our vital campaigning work.

Apply now for an ethical savings account.


Friends of the Earth

*Triodos’ donations to Friends of the Earth can only be paid if savers complete an online application form via the link