Govt cuts wind subsidies – Friends of the Earth reaction

18th June 2015

Reacting to today’s Government decisions to end new subsidies for onshore wind farms, and changing planning rules that could make it far harder for new turbines to be built, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy campaigner Alasdair Cameron said:  “While the Government rolls out the red carpet for fracking, they’re pulling the rug from under onshore wind.

“Proposed changes to the planning system could make it more difficult for local authorities to give the go-ahead to new wind installations – even if it’s the local community who want to build and run them.

“Basically you get fracking whether you like it or not – but if you want wind, you may miss out.

“Slashing wind support on the day the Pope calls for stronger climate action, and 24 hours after thousands lobbied their MPs to do more for the environment, shows the Government is living in a different world.

“Far from showing global leadership ahead of the crucial Paris climate summit later this year, the government appears to be making the environment pay the price for rash pre-election promises.”


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Published by Friends of the Earth Trust