Food Waste – Kerry’s Bill

8th September 2015

On 9th September, Kerry McCarthy MP will be introducing her Food Waste (Reduction) Bill in the House of Commons.

This Bill seeks to ensure that more of the obscene amounts of food needlessly wasted through the food industry supply chains – from production through to retail – is prevented or available to charities, for redistribution to people living in food poverty.

Who supports the Bill?

This Bill is receiving strong cross-party support and is supported by food waste campaigning organisations, Feedback and ‘This is Rubbish’, as well as by FareShare, WWF-UK, Friends of the Earth and Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.
How can I support the Bill?

• Support the Bill on Facebook.

• Write to your MP urging them to back the Bill.  You can find out who your MP is from the Write to Them website.

The food waste challenge

This Bill addresses the shocking and unsustainable levels of industry food waste. Globally, around a third of all food produced is wasted. The environmental impact of this waste is huge – if it was a country, it would be the world’s third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind the US and China. It also responds to the need to meet the global challenge of feeding a growing population from an increasingly scare agricultural base. If the amount of food wasted around the world were reduced by just 25%, there would be enough to feed everyone on this planet.