Clean up your business and switch to @GoodEnergy to generate a donation to Friends of the Earth

5th November 2015

We’ve been working with Friends of the Earth for over a decade. Together, we believe we can achieve a future for Britain that’s powered purely by clean, green electricity generated across the country.

See things differently - blueThat’s why we source our electricity from certified renewables. We always have done and always will. No other energy supplier in the country can promise that.

It’s produced locally too by a growing community of independent generators across Britain. Whether it’s Cornish sunshine, Scottish wind or Welsh rain, they’re all making the most of the natural elements that surround them.

But none of this means we have to cost more than the standard suppliers, so our bills could be lighter on your pocket as well as the planet.

No wonder Friends of the Earth choose our green electricity. Switch now quoting Friends of the Earth and we’ll pay them £50 to help keep our planet healthy and beautiful.

We’re deeply concerned about climate change and its impacts on the planet and people. But by working with Good Energy to move Britain away from imported fossil fuels and towards green energy generated locally, we’re helping to reduce one of its greatest causes.

Guy Shrubsole, Friends of the Earth’s Climate & Energy Campaigner