12 Days of Christmas (3): With a solar light, everything changes.

3rd December 2015

Elf hatWith the silly season upon us and thoughts turning to Christmas gifts we thought a few hints from the green Christmas elf wouldn’t go astray!  Over the next 12 days we will posting some Christmas gift ideas that are a little greener, useful, and perhaps more giving than what you might find on the High Street.

Of course, you will all have plenty more ideas – so please share these with us.

Solar Aid - No smoking areaAre you looking for an alternative present for a loved one? A gift that is perhaps eco-friendly, supports your favourite charity and offers hours of fun? Then visit our online eco-shop here. 

We are offering four of our best selling, life changing, solar lights up to the general public. What better way to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint at the same time.

These lights are perfect for camping trips and festivals – and are just as cosy on your bedside table. Providing hours of friendly clean light that also helps protect the environment.

Each light bought will also

  • get three more lights in to rural Africa
  • help three families lift themselves out of poverty
  • eradicate four kerosene lamps

Your eco-gift will not only make a loved one happy, but will help transform lives in Africa.

Solar AidSolarAid is an international charity that combats poverty and climate change. We are providing access to solar lights in some of the most remote regions of the world and building a movement to eradicate the kerosene lamp.


The problem

598 million people in Africa alone have no access to electricty. Without electricity families have no clean source of light, leaving millions to rely on expensive and dangerous alternatives. Many use homemade kerosene lamps which are a poor source of light; they emit toxic black smoke, eat up to 15% of a family’s income and are are extremely hazardous. Children can’t study at night, the working day ends prematurely and indoor air pollution presents a serious health hazard.

The solution

With a solar light, everything changes.  Solar light customers tell us that investing in a solar light saves money, improves health, makes their homes safer and helps children study at night.

Each solar light shining also means one less kerosene lamp, saving around 200kg of carbon dioxide per year.