COP21: Final climate draft must be strengthened

12th December 2015

The final draft of the climate agreement in Paris must be strengthened, says Friends of the Earth.

Speaking from Paris, Friends of the CEO Craig Bennett said:

“This draft climate deal falls far short of the soaring rhetoric from world leaders less than two weeks ago.

“At least it puts fossil fuels on the wrong side of history, but it doesn’t contain the solid commitments science and natural justice require to cut emissions and protect people from increasing floods, droughts and super-storms.

“The insistence of the EU and US on a clause that rules out compensating poor countries for the damage caused by climate change is a major issue.

“Rich nations have benefited most from burning fossil fuels that wreck our environment – they must take their fair share of the responsibility for helping the developing world to deal with the impacts.

“Even at this late stage we urge delegates to push for a stronger action plan to harness the world’s huge renewable energy potential and avert a climate change catastrophe.”


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Published by Friends of the Earth Trust